Hearthstone seeks to provide the highest level of result-driven investment advisory and project management services to maximize and preserve the values of distressed residential development projects. Hearthstone has consistently been successful in generating substantial cash proceeds from non-performing and troubled assets.

Since its inception in 1992, Hearthstone has become a national leader in investing in single-family homebuilding and residential land development projects across the country. Hearthstone has managed debt and equity commitments from over 20 public and private pension funds, university endowments and Fortune 100 companies including CalPERS, CalSTRS, Fannie Mae, Washington State, North Dakota and over 30 financial institutions including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Comerica and Wachovia Bank. Hearthstone has funded and managed over $12 billion in investments consisting of the construction of over 111,000 homes and residential lots in 460 communities in 20 states with over 40 builders. Hearthstone’s investments have consisted of single-family subdivisions, condominium and townhouse developments, condominium conversions, master planned communities, un-entitled land projects and mixed-use communities.

An Experienced and Trusted Fiduciary
Hearthstone is not a builder or developer, but rather a counterparty and fiduciary charged with representing the best interests of its investors and clients. Hearthstone brings this uncommon expertise and perspective to the table in performing its advisory and project management services.

Effective Value-Driven Solutions
With over 18 years of experience as an investor counterparty, Hearthstone is uniquely positioned to provide effective solutions covering all aspects of your residential development project including asset repositioning strategies, development advisory services and day-to-day project management. Hearthstone can develop entitlement, product positioning and construction build-out strategies as well as sales and marketing plans for your residential development projects. Hearthstone’s wide-ranging capabilities enable it to be your single resource for strategic planning, asset management and the ultimate monetization of your assets.

“Roll Up Your Sleeves” Management Style
Hearthstone’s “roll up your sleeves” style of asset management emphasizes the importance of being actively involved not only in the strategic planning of an investment, but also in the on-the-ground implementation of that strategy as well. Hearthstone has the information technology and human infrastructure to ensure that your business plan is executed with diligence and skill.

Expert Team of Professionals
Hearthstone’s team of 15 investment management professionals have over 150 years of combined investment and asset management experience covering all aspects of residential development including valuation, finance and credit restructuring, receivership services, construction, sales and marketing, entitlements, land planning, project acquisition and disposition, accounting and legal.

Strategic Relationships
Hearthstone has cultivated a network of strategic relationships with the nation’s best of class builders and land developers. Hearthstone’s unique access to these proven, on-the-ground resources enables it to quickly respond to and address a wide variety of issues and sets Hearthstone apart from other asset managers as the logical and natural choice for the management of residential real estate.

Hearthstone provides comprehensive real estate investment and portfolio management services for real estate investors and financial institutions including the following:

  Analytical Services
  • Business plan analysis and financial modeling
  • Site plan/highest and best use analysis
  • Valuation and market positioning strategies
  • Budget and cost review analysis
  • Sales and marketing analysis and implementation
Project Management Services
  • Entitlement review and processing
  • Development and construction oversight
  • Credit restructuring
  • Unit and bulk sale disposition
  • Receivership and trustee services

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